Conference´s Topics

  • Moodle as an open gateway to effective forms of education and personal development
  • Moodle as a secure gateway for your data and personal data (GDPR)
  • Moodle as a platform integrated with surrounding systems
  • Moodle as an organizational gateway to support blended learning and attendance courses
  • Moodle as a data gateway for large data and analysis
  • Moodle as an open community gateway for sharing user experience and inspiration

  • eLearning and mobile technologies
  • eLearning and social networks
  • eLearning in adult education
  • Innovation of study programs using eLearning
  • Modern trends in eLearning
  • Pedagogical-psychological aspects of eLearning
  • Case studies and projects
  • SMART eLearning
  • Scientific research and teaching of languages