Submission of Papers

Submission of papers takes by saveing to the database Moodle. The user fill the required information, insert the papers and upload it to the system. Final version of the papers is need to be prepare and then upload in the correct format:

wordTemplate for the full papers

wordExample of the paper in the conference proceedings

Templates content futher instuction for use. Templates should be sent in DOC/DOCX format. Due to print collection is need to be fill title of the paper, names of the authors, the abstract of the paper in use language and key words in use language and contact information. Author of the paper have to give an agreement for publication of paper in collection. Dispath of the paper - follow this link - open the database of papers, where you could add an send your paper. You need to be registred and have your user access to system to get to the database - Create new access.

Deadline for send the annotation of the paper for review process is 23rd September 2018.

Confirmation of accept the annotation of the paper is 25th September 2018.

Publication of Accepted Papers

Full papers and presentations of various Moodle solutions/courses will be selected from the received contributions. These will be published on the www pages of the conference. The abstracts of the papers and the e-courses presentations will be published in the printed Conference Proceedings. At least one author of the accepted paper or presentation must register as a regular paying conference participant.

Papers in Czech, Slovak and English are accepted. Conference's languages are Czech, Slovak, English.

Translation is not provided.